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People from all walks of life, including accomplished singers, athletes, dancers, baby boomers, senior citizens, and people with disabilities enjoy the strength and freedom of movement that GYROTONIC® offers.  Gyrotonic exercise sequences are composed of spiraling, circular movements, which flow together seamlessly in rhythmic repetitions, with corresponding breath in a supported environment utilizing unique machinery and creating balance, efficiency, strength and flexibility. With Gyrotonic exercises, each movement flows into the next, allowing the joints to move through a natural range of motion without stress or compression.

Our Gyrotonic® Ventura team of licensed, certified trainers will adapt this method to fit anyone’s ability.  Private sessions and small group classes are available.

Schedule a 15 minute consultation and studio tour & begin your journey toward a stronger, healthier you. Email us [email protected].


What We Offer

Specialized Equipment

The body is designed to work as one harmonious system, to follow arching and spiraling paths of motion, and to transition from one movement to the next smoothly, and efficiently.  The Gyrotonic® method creator, Juliu Horvath, designed a specialized line of equipment around these natural movement patterns of the human body. Because Gyrotonic® equipment is highly adjustable, it can be customized to fit each person’s unique physique, and ability, adapting for things such as height, arm and leg length and physical ability.

GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower

A result of over thirty years of research and development, the GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower Combination Unit is the most widely used piece of Gyrotonic® Equipment. The pulley tower provides smooth, even support and resistance via a unique, weighted pulley system. The adjustable bench and rotating handle unit can be customized to fit the individual proportions, and movement capacities of each user. The design of the equipment supports the full, and natural range of motion of the joints, allowing for three-dimensional, functional movement, and eliminating the sharp starts and stops where most injury occurs.


The Gyrokinesis® Method is a movement method that addresses the entire body, opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion and creating functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences. It is an original and unique method, which coordinates movement, breath and mental focus.  Exercises are done without equipment and is a great addition for anyone who would like to increase their range of motion and decrease tension in their bodies through stretch and strengthening movements. Gyrotonic® Ventura offers Gyrokinesis classes online on Tuesdays and Fridays and in-studio Saturday mornings.

Teacher Training

Sacred Geometry and the GYROKINESIS® Method

June 14-16, 2024

with Specialized MT ClydeRae Jolie-Ashe

Teacher Training 10 am – 5 pm

Public Class 10 am – 11 am each day


Teacher Training

GYROKINESIS® Cardiovascular Breathing Course- Progression 1

November 15-17, 2024

with MT Karen Burka


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I’ve taken Gyrotonic classes from Cathy for several years.  She creates an accepting and relaxed space to learn these techniques.  She is an excellent observer and has helped improve my posture, energy and flexibility through her observational skills and suggestions.  Did I mention that she is fun?!  Terrific personality.  I highly recommend her!

I’ve been an online Gyrokinesis student for over a year. I see a number of benefits in these exercises in promoting mobility in my spine and hips. These are particularly important to me because I have scoliosis with a double curve and severe stiffness. The upper body exercises including the spirals and side arches give me pretty good control over expanding the compressed side of each curve. This control is much better than I’ve been able to achieve via Yoga and Pilates in the past.

Cathy makes the class fun, relaxing and educational. She pushes us to work hard and always uses vivid imagery to help us learn the details of the movements. Gyrokinesis looks easy because much of it is done while seated, but it is very challenging. I’ve noticed it has helped me tremendously with my posture, eliminating a lot of soreness that I used to have from sitting and standing. I’ve never regularly attended any other group class before, but Gyro with Cathy is such a treat and so beneficial that I look forward to it every week.

… the second your class started – I was suddenly felt clear and had this epiphany of sorts- It was like an emotional release- I was weepy throughout the session (but not in a sad way)- And my body kind of took over and everything felt so easy and familiar-so Comforting like getting a hug. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate enough- I’m so grateful for you in my life and sharing this practice – it’s been life changing. ❤️

Thank you!  The classes have made a world of difference in my life.

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These past two years have shown us how important it is to create resilience…

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These past two years have shown us how important it is to create resilience…