Fall News

Our little house on Main is so comfortable

Fall is here and heralds in a time to begin collecting some Thanksgiving thoughts

Our little house on Main is so comfortable, appealing to the eye and spacious. It is a pleasure to arrive for the day and work with so many lovely people who have been with us for years as well as quite a few new arrivals. The key to this lucky circumstance is a wonderful, small, dedicated crew of teachers and health practitioners sharing knowledge and skills, laughter and support.

Come in and pop some treats in your mouth, next to the welcoming glow of a candle and smile at the front desk. Continue in for the sound of soft voices and aromas of the massage/acupuncture room.
Step further and you hear rhythmic breathing and inspirational cues moving bodies in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis sessions.

Even before or after your appointments (in fact anytime) a 30-40 minute alone time in the Infrared Sauna will calm your senses, soothe tensions and leave your skin rejuvenated.