Infrared Sauna Invite

How cool is it to feel so deeply warm?

Relax in a private Infrared Sauna at Gyrotonic Ventura

How cool is it to feel so deeply warm without the stuffy claustrophobic, too hot sensation? Things to do:

  • Lay, sit, kneel, stand and work gently and internally to heal release and replenish the lubricants throughout your body.
  • Work in some gentle massage points with small movements in and around joints using breath imagery.
  • Read and listen to your favorite music or radio station while passively enjoying a glistening skin and relaxed muscles.
  • Bring your thoughts inward with the Chromatherapy lights and maybe some sound bells playing on the media.

$25. For a 30-40-minute session. Get naked, we will give you a towel and a latched door for privacy.