Ruminating on PAIN


“I AM A DANCER” mantra from modern dance legend Martha Graham

Not all kinds of pain like toothache, sunburn, sore throat, but you work with it throughout your life.

  • 13 yrs. old – I was hit by car and tail bone squashed but must do performance following morning…stepping up ladder dancing in concert as ”the Bird” in Peter and the Wolf.
  • 23 yrs. old – Dislocated knee while onstage on Broadway but I had to begin rehearsals of new show in a full leg cast 2 weeks later. They don’t treat like that anymore and, of course I still always wore my high
  • 32 yrs. old – Serious lower back and hip pain in first trimester of pregnancy …embarrassed that I can’t walk the energetic pace required on streets of NYC. What? “I AM A DANCER”
  • 35 yrs. old – Deep aching pain in shoulder blade from carrying dance bag ballet attire, school books, girl stuff for 20 yrs. and then babies.
  • 65 yrs. old – Multiple compression fractures over 3 years while keeping a full movement teaching schedule.

Here’s the thing… Those particular and memorable events showcased my perception that pain was my enemy to success, my ego as someone looking like what I was born to … that mantra again! I dismissed that pain just as easily as the ongoing pointe shoe blisters, floor burns, tendonitis, strained muscles, etc. of my regular everyday life. This had become a habit.

  • 72 yrs. old – New protocol. How to find and build on as much free, supported range of motion that I am capable of without dismissing or battling through the presence of pain. Something I think we all could consider for healthy workouts and life styles.

See Harvest Happening Event Nov. 9th for a talk on this.