Online Classes Now Available

How lucky we are to have access to a variety of wonderful teachers

How lucky we are to have access to a variety of wonderful teachers and movement enthusiasts across the earth. They are demonstrating and encouraging us not only how to “keep it moving” but, to learn different modalities and styles we may have had an interest in but, no time in our normally busy schedules. How lucky we are in this unfortunate pandemic era to have plenty of creative time to be curious. I look forward to the return of eager longtime clients and perhaps a slew of new faces coming to the studio when we are safe and clear.
Be so well please. Pamela

Our online GYROKINESIS® classes are being offered LIVE via the Zoom platform with Certified Trainer, Cathy Butter. Try this gentle stretch and core workout for overall strength and wellness.  Classes are available to EVERYONE on a donation basis, pay-what-you-can through Venmo, Zelle or Paypal.

All you need is a yoga matt and a chair and one link for all classes:  Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 842 7504 0219
Password: 522609

Tuesdays at 8 am, Early Morning Flow, All Levels

Fridays at 10 am, All Levels

Saturdays at 10 am, All Levels at the studio with the Live class

..the second your class started – I was suddenly felt clear and had this epiphany of sorts- It was like an emotional release … my body kind of took over and everything felt so easy and familiar-so Comforting like getting a hug. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate enough- I’m so grateful to you for sharing this practice – it’s been life changing. ❤

“GYROKINESIS® classes can be adapted to fit anyone’s ability. People from all walks of life take Gyrokinesis classes, including accomplished athletes, fitness enthusiasts, senior citizens, and people recovering from an injury or dealing with a disability . By the end of a Gyrokinesis session, one’s entire system is awakened and brought into greater balance. Focus on the breath stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, resulting in a sense of calm, well-being and mental clarity.”

*GYROKINESIS® must be performed on a Livestream platform, due to trademark and licensing agreements.