Spiral into Spring

These past two years have shown us how important it is to create resilience and strength in our lives - in our bodies.
Our hearts go out to our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.
Prayers for peace, good will and a healthy people.

It’s the end of an era … and the beginning of another.
As most of you know the family at Lights Beautiful has decided to retire and Mission Animal Hospital is set to occupy the building in August. We wish Sandy, Scott and Amy the very best in their next adventure and welcome Dr. Jason Bennett’s team and all the puppies and kitties at Mission Animal Hospital to 1453 E Main!
Pamela is introducing Galileo® Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Movement Training at GV! Utilized for specific therapies to advanced body conditioning, Galileo® WBV stimulates the entire muscular chain from the legs to the trunk for increased power, balance and stabilization. Interested in learning more? Email Pamela here.

Are you ready to become stronger and more flexible and energetic? The GYROTONIC® Expansion System can change your body! Find a time that fits your schedule and is suited to your needs:
  • Are you looking for one on one Gyrotonic personal training?
  • Would you to partner with another client for semi-private training?
  • Are you interested in joining a beginning or level 1 Gyrotonic group class?
Email us by clicking here.
Recovering from an injury, have a recurrent problem/painful area? Michele Borchard is a licensed, certified Physical Therapist and Gyrotonic Instructor offering Physical Therapy assessment and treatment. Michele also teaches a beginning class on Tuesdays at 5:30pm and is available for private & semi-private training. You can email her here.

In addition to Gyrotonic training, therapeutic massage and acupuncture are available onsite by appointment.
Therapeutic massage can reduce stress, pain and muscle tension while increasing relaxation, circulation, energy and immune function. To find out more about April’s Therapeutic Massage click here.
Acupuncture can stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities and promote physical and emotional well-being. To find out more about Points of Healing and Miriam Delosantos click here.

We have had some requests to bring GYROKINESIS® back to the studio on Saturdays. Please text Cathy at (805) 746-5567 and let her know you’d like to join.
Cathy’s Gyrokinesis classes are available online Tuesdays at 8 am, and Fridays and Saturdays at 10 am. Join our online community from the comfort and safety of your home. Link and payment details on our website.

Stress and anxiety can affect our physical and emotional wellbeing. The team of certified, licensed health practitioners and trainers at GYROTONIC® Ventura remind you to take time to give back to your body, especially in times like these.
With love and hope for peace, prosperity and good health.